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Insurance for cell phones shields the device from hazards that a case cannot.

Unexpected phone replacements or repairs can cost several hundred dollars, but with the correct insurance coverage, they can be less expensive. One of the greatest smartphone insurance companies will charge you a monthly or yearly cost, which usually ranges from $5 to $20 per month, depending on the coverage and type of device. You can replace or repair the gadget for a small portion of its market worth by paying a deductible if it is lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Similar coverage is provided by many insurance policies, but before choosing one, it’s crucial to carefully consider each provider and policy. The Top policies are affordable, have low deductibles, and facilitate claim filing. When choosing a service, other elements like multi-device options, bundle discounts, and user reviews may also be helpful. Find out which supplier Top suits your needs by reading on.

Top Cellphone Insurance Providers of 2024

  • Top for Policy Budget: AKKO
  • Top for Families:  SquareTrade
  • Top for iPhones: AppleCare+
  • Top for Samsung Phones: Samsung Care+
  • Top for Easy Claims:  Asurion
  • Top for Options: Progressive

Highlight Table

Cellphone Insurance– Protects against hazards beyond what cases can cover. Costs range from $5 to $20 per month/yearly.
Choosing Insurance– Consider factors like affordability, low deductibles, easy claims filing, and user reviews.
Top Providers of 2024– AKKO: Offers inexpensive premiums starting at $5 per month for annual subscribers. – SquareTrade: Ideal for families with multi-device coverage.
– AppleCare+: Provides tailored coverage for iPhones with theft and loss options. – Samsung Care+: Offers $0 service charge for mechanical failures.
– Asurion: Simple claim procedure and comprehensive coverage. – Progressive: Highly customizable coverage for various devices.
Cost-Efficiency– Worth it for frequent phone damage/loss or those unable to afford repairs/replacements. Costs can vary based on the provider and device.
Timeframe for Purchase– Some providers require coverage to be purchased within a specific timeframe after device purchase.

Top for Policy Budget: AKKO

  • Deductible: $29 to $99
  • The average monthly cost is $6–$12 for a single phone; $14–$15 for a phone plus additional electronics.
  • Available policies Just the phone, everything is secure

Why We Selected

AKKO is the best mobile insurance company for budget-conscious customers because to its inexpensive premiums.



  • Inexpensive monthly premiums
  • It may also cover other electronic gadgets.
  • Discounts for several policies
  • Student savings


  • There are restrictions on coverage for lost phones.
  • Value replacement is decided by AKKO.


Though AKKO is relatively new to the market—it was founded in 2019—it has already attracted attention with its consistently low-cost smartphone insurance products. AKKO is one of the best solutions for someone on a tight budget, offering coverage options for as little as $5 per month for annual subscribers.

The way AKKO handles claims is one way it differs from other insurance companies. AKKO will offer consumers cash depending on the device’s replacement value less the deductible in instead of immediately sending them a replacement. In a similar vein, AKKO will either pay an AKKO partner repair shop directly or deliver the monetary value of the repairs if their phone has to be fixed.

The Phone Only plan and the Everything Protected plan are the two options that AKKO provides. Basic phone insurance is provided by both plans, covering things like cracked screens, liquid damage, drops and other unintentional harm, theft and vandalism, and damages from natural disasters like fires and floods.

Up to 25 additional electrical products, such as the policyholder’s tablets, computers, and video games, are covered by AKKO’s Everything Protected plan.

Plans & Pricing

The monthly cost of AKKO’s Phone Only plan ranges from $6 to $12, or $5 to $11 if the user pays for the whole year up ahead. For adults and students, the monthly cost of the Everything Protected option is $15 and $14, respectively. The monthly cost is reduced by $1 when a customer pays for the full year in advance.

The deductibles for each plan are different according to the phone’s year, model, and make. The usual range of repair deductibles is $29 to $75, while replacement deductibles are between $75 and $99. For repairs or replacements of their other covered electronics, adults under the Everything Protected plan pay a $99 deductible, while students pay $49.

Customers can save 5% to 15% when they bundle multiple policies, even though they are only allowed to insure one cellphone per plan.


  • Deductible: $149
  • Average monthly premium: $8.99 to $19.99 per month
  • Available policies: Single plan, family plan

Why We Selected

SquareTrade is the best choice for families due to its multi-device coverage, increased annual claim allowances, and reasonable rates.


  • Coverage for all phones, irrespective of their age, make, or model
  • Per year, four to eight claims are permitted.
  • Affordable family plan prices


  • Repairs sent in the mail move slowly.
  • Older phones may have a larger deductible.



Allstate supports SquareTrade, which is promoted as one of the most reasonably priced smartphone insurance packages out there. Compared to many other insurance companies, it offers multi-device, low-cost plans with higher claim amounts. All things considered, SquareTrade is our pick for family-friendly mobile insurance.

All smartphone brands and models are covered by SquareTrade insurance, independent of carrier or age. Plans cover broken displays, malfunctioning touchscreens, liquid damage, malfunctioning speak/audio systems, dead batteries, and malfunctioning charging ports.
Coverage includes same-day repairs, repairs completed at a nearby repair shop, and repairs performed on-premise (that is, in the home, office, coffee shop, etc.). The customer may also choose to mail the phone in for repairs, which usually takes two to five days, if that is more convenient.

SquareTrade permits up to four claims annually per individual device plan, but many smartphone insurance companies only let two claims annually per plan. Up to eight claims can be made annually under family plans, which is especially useful for households with numerous devices—both cellular and non-cellular.

Plans & Pricing

For $8.99 per month, clients may insure one gadget with SquareTrade; several devices can be insured for just $19.99 each month. There is a $149 flat deduction.

Additionally, SquareTrade provides an upgrade ($12.99 a month) that includes other features including identity theft recovery, Allstate Roadside Assistance, and premium tech support.


  • Refundable$29 to $149
  • Average monthly premium: $3.99 to $13.49 per month
  • Available policies: AppleCare+, AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss

Why We Selected

AppleCare+ is the best choice for iPhone owners since it offers reasonably priced coverage that is tailored to the iPhone and other Apple devices.


  • Authorized Apple technicians and parts
  • Options for theft and loss policies
  • Minimal premiums


  • Covers just Apple products
  • Extra application procedures to begin a policy sixty days or longer after the first iPhone purchase


Since a new iPhone may easily cost up to $1,000, purchasing insurance can be a wise financial decision. Customers looking for the best insurance may prefer to go right to the source, even if the majority of smartphone insurance providers will gladly cover iPhones. With AppleCare+, safeguarding a phone and receiving continuous assistance from professionals who comprehend the operating system, software, and hardware that set Apple goods apart is simple. For this reason, AppleCare+ is our top choice for iPhone customers.

AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss are the two insurance that are available from AppleCare. Each year, both provide coverage for an unlimited number of unintentional damage incidents and provide coverage if a battery retains 80% or less of its initial charging capacity. Every year, two theft or loss incidents are covered by AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss.

Aside from onsite services (like screen repairs), mail-in repair options with pre-paid shipping, and onsite services (like screen repairs), an AppleCare+ membership also provides 24/7 priority access to Apple professionals via phone or chat. For in-person repairs and troubleshooting, AppleCare+ customers can also bring their device to any Apple Store or Apple Authorized service provider.

It is recommended that customers who are thinking about purchasing an iPhone add AppleCare+ within 60 days of making the purchase. It might be necessary to visit an Apple Store in order to add a policy if that window has closed.

Plans & Pricing

The customer’s desired iPhone model for insurance determines the price. The monthly premium for AppleCare+ insurance varies from $3.99 to $9.99, or from $79 to $199 for a two-year fixed term. For a fixed term of two years, AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss will cost between $149 and $269, or roughly $7.49 to $13.49 each month.

Depending on the kind of incident, deductibles change. Screen repairs have a $29 fee; other sorts of damage usually carry a $99 deductible. There will be a $149 deductible if the phone is misplaced or stolen.


  • Refundable$0 to $199
  • Average monthly premium: $3 to $16 per month
  • Available policies: Samsung Care+, Samsung Care+ with Theft and Loss

Why We Selected

For users of Samsung phones, Samsung Care+ is an excellent choice because it provides professional assistance and a $0 service charge for mechanical failures.


  • Knowledgeable Samsung assistance
  • Options for theft and loss policies
  • For mechanical breakdown claims, there is no service fee.


  • Exorbitant costs for specific gadgets
  • Exclusively for Samsung customers


Given that Samsung has led the way in mobile technology, it makes reasonable that the company provides an insurance plan to protect its devices. Similar to AppleCare+, Samsung Care+ provides consumers with dependable and reasonably priced repairs by utilizing the skills of Samsung specialists. As a result, Samsung Care+ is the best option for Samsung customers.

Screen cracks, spilled liquids, and unintentional damage are all covered by Samsung Care+. In addition, customers are covered against mechanical failures following the 12-month manufacturer warranty expiration. Three instances of theft or loss are covered under the Samsung Care+ Theft and Loss coverage in a 12-month period.

Customers of Samsung Care+ can benefit from round-the-clock assistance, and in the event that their phone needs repairs, they can be confident that a Samsung specialist will fix it using genuine Samsung components.

Plans & Pricing

Depending on the device being insured, Samsung Care+ insurance fluctuate in price. The cause for servicing (e.g., screen repair or accidental damage) determines the deductible expenses.

For a 36-month period, the monthly cost of the Samsung Care+ Theft and Loss plan varies from $8 to $16. For a 36-month period, the stand-alone Samsung Care+ package costs $3 to $11 per month. Repair service costs are between $0 and $99, while lost or stolen phone deductibles are between $99 and $199.


  • Deductible: $29 to $499
  • Average monthly premium: $12–$15 a month for a single device $45 a month for several devices
  • Available policies: Single device, multiple devices

Why We Selected

Because of its simple claim procedure and reasonably priced, all-inclusive coverage, Asurion was our first choice for the list.


  • Works together with a number of leading cellular providers
  • Simple claims procedure
  • Strong coverage that accounts for loss


  • Certain devices have higher deductibles
  • Does not provide the most affordable premiums available


Customers of AT&T, USCellular, and other carriers have direct access to Asurion’s coverage. Customers are generally happy with their experience, the claims procedure is simple, and this coverage is reasonably priced.

Policyholders of Asurion are protected in the event that their gadget is misplaced, pilfered, or harmed (such as cracked screens and liquid damage). Plans also cover malfunctions and difficulties with the device that are related to regular wear and tear, such as dust buildup or issues with internal heat and humidity.

Plans & Pricing

Buying possibilities differ depending on the plan, cell operator, and type of device (watches and smartphones, for example). Replacement phone deductibles also differ per device, with higher deductibles associated with more expensive or recent models. Screen repairs are less expensive because they frequently don’t call for a new phone.

TOP FOR OPTIONS: Progressive

  • Deductible: $75
  • Average monthly premium: $8 to $10 per month
  • Available policies: Single device, multiple devices

Why We Selected

Customers that want options can tailor their policy with Progressive by choosing their device type, coverage amount, and policy term. This well-known insurer is a wonderful choice for consumers looking for options.



  • Plans for several devices
  • Personalized protection
  • Progressive consumers receive a discount.



  • For two- and three-year coverage, full payment is necessary.
  • Excludes coverage for manufacturer flaws



Progressive is well-known for its auto and homes insurance, but it also offers a gadget protection package that includes coverage for gaming systems, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. Progressive is the ideal choice for anyone searching for a policy with lots of alternatives because of its highly customizable coverage and reasonably priced multi-device plans.

Progressive’s insurance policies for phones and devices include coverage for theft and damage, including water damage, drops and other unintentional damage, cracked screens, and damages resulting from natural disasters like fires and floods. Regardless of the phone’s age, coverage commences as soon as the policy is issued. Normal wear and tear issues or manufacturer flaws are not covered by Progressive’s gadget protection plan.

Customers can conveniently insure every phone in the family as well as any extra devices like computers, video games, and more by bundling multiple device protection packages, which is an added plus.

Plans & Pricing

Although protection plans can be substantially customized, basic coverage can usually be obtained for as little as $8 to $10 per device each month with a $75 deductible. If customers purchase coverage directly from Progressive, they will receive a 5% premium savings.

Customers can choose the coverage amount ($400 to $1,499 in total) and insurance duration (one to three years) for each device when choosing coverage. By choosing a two- or three-year insurance option, customers can save even more money, but they will have to pay the entire cost of the plan up once. The customer will probably have to choose the one-year coverage option if they would rather make monthly payments.

Final Verdict

Customers who have cellphone insurance can safeguard their gadgets and save money on expensive repairs or replacements. Enrolling in insurance through a cellular provider or the device maker may, in certain situations, be the simplest way to find the best insurance company. This is valid for service providers such as Samsung Care+, AppleCare+, and Asurion.

Customers can also obtain coverage by contacting their house or auto insurance provider. Plans for mobile insurance are available from Progressive and AllState (SquareTrade), with competitive rates and deductibles that may be able to unlock current customer savings. In the event that neither of those choices is optimal, AKKO and other recent entrants may be able to offer appropriate coverage at reasonable costs.


1. Cell phone protection plans—why?

Answer : Cellphone insurance covers several damages that can disable a phone. Coverage depends on the provider, phone age, and kind, but common policies include:
Drops cause accidental injury.
Damage from spills or submersion
Mechanical issues
Sometimes theft and loss

2. Average Cell Phone Insurance Cost?

Answer: Phone make, model, age, and insurance provider affect cell phone insurance costs. Policy prices range from $5 to $20 a month, with most in the middle.

3. Is Cell Phone Insurance Cost-Effective?

Answer: If you frequently break or lose your phone or can’t afford repairs or replacements, cell phone insurance may be worth it. Smartphone replacements can cost hundreds of dollars.

If you’re financing a phone and need to pay off a damaged one while buying a new one, cellphone insurance may make sense.

4. Can you get cell phone insurance after purchase?

Answer: Yes, however you may require further steps. According to AppleCare+, iPhones can be insured within 60 days of purchase. Customers must then take their phone to an Apple store for an inspection before buying a policy.

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